ASP.NET Boilerplate 2.2 & ASP.NET Zero 4.2 Release

ASP.NET Boilerplate 2.2 & ASP.NET Zero 4.2 Release


We have just released ASP.NET Boilerplate 2.2 and ASP.NET Zero 4.2. Also, improved startup templates and moved our community forum to Stackoverflow.

ASP.NET Boilerplate and Module Zero v2.2

In this release, we mostly focused on improvements on existing features:

Also, fixed some bugs and made other minor improvements. See release logs for all issues solved in v2.2.

Dapper Document

We finally documented Dapper integration since it’s mature enough to be used now. Dapper can be used as secondary ORM within EF or NH.

Castle.Windsor 4.0

Upgraded to Castle.Windsor 4.0 which currently supports .netstandard. So, dropped Fortress.Windsor dependency (it was temporary). Be carefully while upgrading your packages. Remember to upgrade Castle.Windsor.MsDependencyInjection and Castle.LoggingFacility.MsLogging packages too, otherwise you may get class conflicts.

Startup Template

ASP.NET Core MVC & jQuery startup template (with module zero) completely renewed. It uses BSB admin theme anymore just like the Angular version.

Beside visual changes, we implemented full CRUD functionality for user, role and tenant pages (thanks to the community for contributions).

Stack Overflow

We locked our community forum. We will use aspnetboilerplate tag on Stackoverflow to answer questions related to the framework, templates and their usage. Github issues will be used for bug reports and feature requests, not for general usage questions.

ASP.NET Zero v4.2

ASP.NET Zero is our premium startup template / base application for ASP.NET Boilerplate. We added several features to improve user and developer experience in this release.

  • Added Google authenticator option for two factor authentication.
  • Added payment history for tenant subscriptions.
  • Implemented phone number confirmation.

Are major features implemented in this release. Also, made many small improvement and a few bug fixes. See change logs.

Changed Data Tables

Beside new features, we changed data grid to datatables (for jQuery UI) and PrimeNg (for Angular UI) upon request from the community.

About Different Versions of ASP.NET Zero

Starting from v4.1, we are more focused on ASP.NET Core based solutions (Both jQuery and Angular UI) and will implement new major features only for these solutions. See version differences page for more information.

  • Roger Smith
    Posted at 07:23, July 27, 2017

    Good decision to use Datatables and PrimeNg tables. They look much better!

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