We are very pleased to announce that GetApp has named ASP.NET Zero as one of the best in the Application Development Tools category.  

The ranking showcases the leading 5 apps based on factors such as:

  • have more than 10 user reviews
  • user ratings higher than 4.5 (out of 5)
  • offer key app development features (at least four out of these seven app development features: compatibility testing, debugging, analytics, integrated development environment, mobile app development, web app development, and software development.)

ASP.NET Zero has been placed #1 on this list, with an overall rating of 4.9/5. We really appreciate our devoted customers who took the time to share their opinion about ASP.NET Zero, which has helped us receive an award by GetApp — 5 Best Application Development Tools (out of 166 apps) in 2020.


ASP.NET Zero is dedicated to providing a production-ready enterprise-level application base for ASP.NET Core based applications with tons of useful features that should be in a line of business application and saves more than several months in development time with pre-built pages (authentication, permission management, localization, multi-tenancy, SaaS features, CRUD Page Generator (RAD Tool), themes, etc.) The significant advantage of having ASP.NET Zero in the technology stack is reducing project development costs and speeding up the project development.


ASP.NET Zero has more than 10 reviews on the GetApp website. Here’s what a few of our “more than satisfied” customers had to say:  

“We create fast to market web applications for our partners and clients using ASP.NET Zero. It’s a perfect solution for this. Even the first non-functional prototypes look great from the start. The standard features are a welcome starting point. You can start adding your own functionality right away without worrying about authentication, user/role management, logging, etc.” Jeroen Guldemond, Technical Consultant & Co-Owner

“It allows us to accelerate our system development process, without forgetting the quality and good programming practices.” Douglas Bustos, CEO

“ASP.NET Zero helped us in quickly starting the project. Glad that we chose ASP.NET Zero. It is like hiring a dedicated team of 10 developers working for us for almost free! It saved at least 6 months of initial effort. Repository pattern is handy.” Ajay Kumar, Senior Developer


We are never satisfied, even at the top. The appreciation of our happy customers pushes us to continue to improve ASP.NET Zero, add more features, and make it as user-friendly as possible. We cannot thank our customers enough for their trust. We promise that everything will only get better over time.  

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What makes ASP.NET Zero one of the best application development software?


  • SOLID Architecture: The solution provides clean source code in a well-defined solution structure, layered, modular, and Domain-Driven Design implemented.

  • Well-documented: It has comprehensive documentation, it will help a lot while developing your application. So your developers will know how to write code that follows best practices.

  • Mature framework: The solution is mature and has solved most of the issues faced when creating an application from scratch.

  • Cross-cutting concerns implemented: It provides many pre-built functionalities that are common to almost every application: login, user, role and permission management, audit logs, settings, user profile, multi-language, multi-tenancy, and so on. So you will no longer spend time developing basic functionality and you can immediately proceed to develop business logic and unique solutions.

  • Full source code included: It provides the full source code hence you can fully customize it as per your business requirements.

  • Open-source based & built with best practices: It’s based on the open-source and community-driven ABP framework. It is actively used by thousands of developers and is continuously developed. It makes your daily development easier by providing base classes and infrastructure and automates your repeated tasks.

  • Modern UI: Its UI is based on Metronic Theme (the world’s most trusted UI theme), which allows you to get a clean and precise front-end.


Here are some other ASP.NET Zero features that our customers have found highly effective to increase productivity and deliver projects faster:

  • Multiple Architecture Options — the most advanced technologies from Microsoft
    - ASP.NET Core & Angular (also includes Xamarin app)
    - ASP.NET Core & jQuery (also includes Xamarin app)
    - ASP.NET MVC 5.x & jQuery
    - ASP.NET MVC 5.x & AngularJS

  • Built-in Multi-Tenancy (SaaS)
  • Advanced Authentication & Authorization
  • User, Role and Permission Management
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD tooling)
  • Dynamic UI Localization
  • Setting Management
  • Automated Testing
  • Language Management
  • Customizable Dashboard System
  • Dynamic Entity Properties
  • and more…    

Create a demo now to see how the UI looks like and try all ASP.NET Zero features free.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information or have any questions or comments.