We’re pleased to be a community partner of China’s .NET Conf 2020 which was organized jointly by many .NET communities in China. The conference was held in Suzhou, China and online (due to pandemic situations) on 19–20 December 2020.

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The estimated number of online and physical participants reached hundred of thousands, which covers .NET developers, communities, and institutions in 10+ cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Xiamen, Jiaodong, and others. Nearly 500 developers were at the conference venue and 100,000 developers watched live online. It was a big gathering of the Chinese .NET population!

Theme topics: Open-source, Sharing, Innovation

Venue: Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park (offline)

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.NET Conf China

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Sponsors of the conference

Some of the partners of the conference are Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Reactor, GrapeCity, .NET Core Community, Turing Community.

The conference had strong sessions & speakers! A total of 47 sessions had been conducted by more than 40 technical experts who all have unique skills sharing their professional and cutting-edge technical knowledge in the .NET field. Some of the most known of the speakers were:

Scott Hanselman — Partner Program Manager at Microsoft

Mingqiang Xu — CTO at Microsoft Omnichannel Business Unit

Jia Woei Ling — General Manager at Microsoft Azure

Scott Hanselman connected the conference online to send greetings and new year wishes to the developers!

Scott Hanselman speaking online.jpeg

Scott Hanselman speaking online

We had the opportunity to increase the visibility and reputation of ABP Platform with our booth for those who want to learn more about ABP. Our China team was happy to show them the ABP Platform in detail, show sample applications built with ABP, demo, and answer any questions.

This was a great opportunity for conference attendees to see the power of ABP and how it provides a complete microservice architecture and strong infrastructure and how its open-source and commercial modules allow them to develop reusable application modules.

To give you a glimpse into what ABP Platform is:

ABP is an open source and community driven web application framework for ASP.NET Core. It provides an excellent infrastructure to write maintainable, extensible & testable code based on DDD patterns and industry best practices. Furthermore, ABP Commercial is a complete web development platform based on the ABP framework. It is the perfect base infrastructure and right accelerator for SaaS & enterprise-grade ASP.NET Core based web applications and provides pre-built application modules, productivity tools, modern UI themes, premium support & more.

ABP China Team.png

ABP China Team

Registration desk.jpeg

Registration desk

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Developers showed great interest in ABP’s features.

Interest to ABP.jpeg

We answered all questions regarding a modern web application challenges.

And we have delivered some gifts to lucky developers!

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Gifts to Developers.png

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The event was streamed live online and can be watched anytime at https://segmentfault.com/area/dotnetconf-2020

The conference official website: https://dotnetconf.cn/

All conference-related tweets can be found with #dotNETConfChina2020

It was a great pleasure to be there to meet and communicate with Chinese .NET people!

See you next time China!