As Volosoft, we are passionate about technology and tools we work on. Since our open source and commercial developer platforms are based on Microsoft's .NET technology, we are closely following the .NET team for new releases, features and improvements made in each release.

In November 2022, exciting things happened in the .NET world.

.NET Conf 2022

Microsoft has organized the .NET Conf 2022 between November 08 and 10 as an online event. There were many speakers talked in that conference from all around the World. If you've missed, you can watch all the sessions on YouTube.

Halil İbrahim Kalkan (co-founder of Volosoft) has also talked in the .NET Conf 2022 about "Authorization in a Distributed / Microservice System".


You can watch Halil's talk here.

What's new with ASP.NET & Entity Framework Core 7.0

Microsoft has released the .NET 7.0 in the .NET Conf 2022, with ASP.NET Core 7.0 and Entity Framework Core 7.0.

Our team has closely followed the ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core 7.0 releases, read Microsoft's guides and documentation and adapt the changes to our ABP.IO Platform. We are proud to say that we've shipped the ABP 7.0 RC.1 based on .NET 7.0 just after Microsoft's .NET 7.0 release.

In addition to the ABP's .NET 7.0 upgrade, the team has created 13 great articles to highlight the important features coming with ASP.NET Core 7.0 and Entity Framework Core 7.0. Here, a list of all the articles:

ASP.NET Core 7.0

Entity Framework 7.0

We enjoyed while writing these, we hope you also enjoy and like while reading. Happy coding!

-- The Volosoft Team