In my previous post, I wrote my impressions about NDC Porto 2023 conference. And this time, we wanted to attend one of the most popular .NET conferences in Europe 👉 .NET Developer Days. I've been a .NET developer since .NET Framework 1.0, and we, as the core team members of the ABP Framework, have always been working on .NET technologies. And the .NET Developer Days conference is a pure .NET-focused conference and we couldn't stop ourselves from this amazing opportunity to meet .NET fellows there. Then we flew from Porto to Warsaw / Poland. This was a five day event. One day before the event and one day after the event, there were workshops. The actual talks were on 24 and 25 October.


The place was really huge. This is the first time I've been to such a big conference. The venue is called Expo XXI. It's the biggest tech conf in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to the .NET platform. There was a variety of food, chill-out places and entertainment areas. And the session rooms were also big, you can see how big it's in the below picture.

.NET 8 is coming up

As you know, .NET 8 is coming up, and Microsoft is making announcements and promoting this new version. Therefore, the kick-off was made with Scott Hunter. His keynote speech topic was "Building and Scaling Cloud Native Intelligent Apps with .NET 8". He showed the new features in .NET 8, C# 12 and the new AI Copilot tooling. He mentioned how to use these new features to build Cloud Native microservices. You can see how packed the room was, and even some fellows were standing ☺️.



Over 800 visitors

Scott Hunter's keynote room. Scott Hunter's giving his keynote speech. Over 800 visitors physically attended! This is a very good number for the .NET conference. More than 30 talks were executed with 20 great speakers.

As it's a .NET developer conference, there were some dear Microsoft employees focusing on the new upcoming version .NET 8, like Scott Hunter, April Edwards, Safia Abdallah, Mads Torgersen and Stephen Toub.

C#'s functional journey — Mads Torgersen

The second talk I joined was Mads Torgersen's talk. It was about "C#'s functional journey". He started a code snippet from the .NET Framework's first version, and he step-by-step updated the code according to the latest .NET version. Hence, we saw how .NET evolved within its two-decade history.


Building a web framework from scratch — Safia Abdalla

Next, I joined the Safia Abdalla's session. She built a web server (framework) from scratch. It was a very useful talk to understand how a web server like Kestrel works in basics. You can find the final code on her GitHub 👉


Game changer: Dynamic PGO — Stephen Toub

Then I entered Stephen Toub's talk. I always see his blog posts about .NET performance improvements. And sure, this time, his topic was "Performance Improvements in .NET 8". If I need to summarize this 1-hour talk, you must enable Dynamic PGO (Dynamic Profile-Guided Optimization) in your .NET application. He says it's a game changer in .NET 8, and it is a crucial PR in all of .NET 8 PRs… If you're interested in this enhancement, check out this Reddit thread. I also suggest you read this post, Performance Improvements in .NET 8, by Stephen Toub.


.NET team Q&A panel — Richard Campbell

Next, I listened to the .NET team's Q&A Panel. People asked questions to the team from their conference mobile app, and they tried to answer them. Richard Campbell was managing the panel. In the below picture, you can see Mads Torgersen, Stephen Toub and Safia Abdalla.


How async & await really works - Stephen Toub

On the second day, I was in Stephen Toub's session again. You know, nowadays, async & await is being used widely in .NET apps, but many developers have only a limited understanding of how it really works. This time, Stephen showed "How Async/Await In C# Really Works". He explained how it works at the language, compiler, and library level… For more information you can check out his blog post 👉


Connect remotely like a pro! Hack VPNs — Adam Furmanek

Finally, I joined an interesting session: "Connect remotely like a pro! Hack VPNs, avoid firewalls, connect even when your machine is down" by Adam Furmanek. We work from home, cafe, airport... Sometimes, our connection can be unstable, or we need to connect to multiple VPNs, or even the home computer can be switched off!!! He deep dives into hacking networks, finding workarounds to connect your safe (corporate) computer. It was one of the most interesting talks I've ever listened to. You can reach his slides at connecting_remotely_like_a_pro.pdf


You can see the Twitter posts about .NET Developer Days at this link. And below, you can find my video shoot from the conf area… I'd like to show you the atmosphere of .NET Developer Days 2023 in this video.

Watch the video from the conf area



That's all from me! It was a very good opportunity to meet developers from Europe and listen to the inspiring talks. Lastly, I'd like to show you the nice view from my apartment window in Warsaw. You see the second-highest building in Poland and 6th highest building in the EU >> the Palace of Culture and Science >> designed by Soviet-Russian architect Lev Rudnev. Thanks for reading, and follow me to catch up with the latest happenings in .NET and software development. C ya next time 👋👋👋